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ToothWares Foundational 8 Pillars of Success

Throughout my more than 28 years of experience, I've found there are 8 foundational areas that, at some time or another, a practice will find challenging.  It made sense to me to build upon those foundational challenges...and provide 8 pillars of success! Take a moment to read and view the ToothWares Foundational 8 Pillars of Success!  Follow the ToothWares Foundational 8 Pillars of Success-be exceptional, be fulfilled and enjoy every day in the practice that you love!


ToothWares Foundational 8 Pillars of Success

 Do team/staff/employee issues and continual drama drain your energy? 

Do you have a team who is ready to grow and be more?   Are you ready to create Leaders?  ToothWares has the solution!

ToothWares Pillar of Success #2-Insurance

Do You Take My Insurance?  Are You In My Network?   

How many times a day do you hear these questions?  Is your team prepared to expertly handle these questions?  Are you losing potential new patients because you are a fee for service practice?   

ToothWares has the solution!

ToothWares Pillar of Success #3-Welcoming New Patients

Are your new patients one of your best referral sources?  Would you like your new patients to be your best advocates-referring their family and friends to you?   Is your practice different from everyone else?   Are you ready to get your new patients talking? 

 ToothWares has the solution!

ToothWares Pillar of Success #4-Processes and Systems

Are you running your practice-or is your practice running you?  Do you consistently and effectively monitor appropriate business metrics, systems and processes?  Confused by it all?  

ToothWares has the solution!

ToothWares Pillar of Success #5-Restorative Excellence

     Are you ready to learn restorative excellence utilizing a microscope, air abrasion and-truly excel in your field? Would you enjoy the expert teaching you right in your own opertory- hands on one on one?   Are you ready to provide treatment for your patients that only a handful of dentists are trained to do?  Dr. Randy Shoup is your expert!  

ToothWares has the solution!

ToothWares Pillar of Success #6-Five Star Service

CHANGE LIVES-ONE PATIENT AT A TIME! Do you want your patient's dental experience with you to be life-changing - something they've never ever experienced before?  Is your team ready to provide that exceptional 5 star service?  

ToothWares will show you how!! 

ToothWares Pillar of Success #7-Marketing

Are your marketing dollars bringing you in the RIGHT patients-the patients who say YES to your treatment?  Are you confused on where, when, how much you put towards marketing?  How do you know what works-for YOU?

ToothWares has the solution!

ToothWares Pillar of Success #8-Embezzlement

Are you being embezzled?  How would you know?  Are you concerned that some things just aren't 'adding up'?  Would you like to spend only 5 minutes a day monitoring this area-giving you peace of mind?  ToothWares has the solution!

Angela Ward on the Dr. Shoup Show

Comprehensive Practice Renovation


Follow the ToothWares Foundational 8 Pillars of Success -Be exceptional , be fulfilled and enjoy every day in the practice that you love!

When Your Practice is Renovated: 


Your patients tell you they want your treatment therapy regardless of their insurance coverage.

You drop dental insurance plans requiring you to write off a significant portion of your production. 

Your team makes decisions based on the core values of your practice. 

Your team knows they represent an integral part of the success of your practice and takes pride in being part of your team.

Your team are "owners" of your practice, working happily towards success for all. 

Your patients seek you out because of your exceptional dental skills and the therapy only you can deliver. 

You improve your skill set continually with one on one training of leading edge techniques.

Your patients are your best referral source: their friends and family want become part of your dental patient family.

Production/collections are balanced-earning bonus for your team and your doctor!

Being a dentist is actually all you thought it once could be!


What We Do


Angela Ward and Dr. Randy Shoup

With a combined experience of more than 45 years, Angela Ward and Dr. Randy Shoup are a powerhouse team prepared to help you renovate your practice to the practice of your dreams. With a customized, relevant and tailored approach, we bring to the table time tested, proven ideas and the skill set to implement them successfully. 

We believe:

A clear vision and set of core values are the foundations to build upon.

A doctor can diagnose only to the level of his education; therefore one on one training by a highly skilled, well respected and successful dentist will improve that level of diagnosis. 

Every patient absolutely deserves and wants a comprehensive exam focused on more than just teeth. We believe in treating the whole person. 

We believe patients want to be healthy and will be happy to invest in quality dentistry .

A cohesive, aligned team leads to a successful practice. 

Creating and implementing tailored relevant business systems to keep your practice operating highly efficiently yet remain relationship focused.

We believe in the power of words and how appropriate verbal skills will influence others. 

We believe in the difference we make.


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